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Our Mission

We make Theatre and tell stories that are BLUNT, DARING & FUNNY


We create a platform to amplify voices and unheard stories.


We cultivate a welcoming space to explore sensitive topics with an embedded wellbeing approach.


We are passionate about addressing current issues and not shying away from uncomfortable conversations.


We are change-makers.


We are excited by Theatre and its ability to hold a mirror up to society and say:


“ARE YOU LISTENING?” (an actual line from a song in our first production of ‘Think’)



Some of our work is developed through improvisation and written later or vice versa. 


Our shows are packed to the brim with information and often our productions involve fast-paced dialogue and movement. 


Our productions are rhythmic like a song you don’t know the lyrics to yet. 


Our Background

Evangeline 'Evie' Osbon set up Mind Out Theatre in 2017 and we have had the privilege of working with amazing voices to tell new stories and unpick difficult conversations.

Our first production, 'Think' was based on a true story and explored lived experience of mental health. Through devising this production, we realised that with all difficult topics, there is light within the dark. We explore Tragedy and Comedy to embody these experiences truthfully; Dark Comedy is our favourite genre.

As we went on to work with new writers through R&D processes in shows, 'The Ladies Loo Chronicles' and 'Conversations with Ed' we utilised the power of new writing in bringing diverse and unheard stories to life.


The pandemic has presented both society and theatre with a seismic shift in perspective. We had the opportunity to stop and think about our direction and we kept circling back around to the power of unheard stories. We are excited to be exploring new ways of working with community groups and young people.

We registered as a Community Interest Company this year.  We look forward to sharing our aims snd next steps as a company with you soon.

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